Just like any content creator in the content creation space, whether that is content on Instagram or video content on YouTube, podcasting is no different. Leveraging your content & audience is key in pushing towards monetization. Building these funnels towards your brand adds immense value.

Podcaster Monetization

Fan Support

Get your audience to support you on your content creation journey and reward them with exclusive content, community, and insight into your creative process.


Platforms such as Patreon and Podia are great tools to build a subscription model for your brand.

Content creators across medium are utilizing such platforms to build and interact with their community.


Sponsors & advertisers are always looking for content channels to effectively reach their target audience.


Podcasts listeners are more engaged & loyal as compared to video or social content audiences. That is where your advantage lies with sponsored content.


You can look at collaborating with potential sponsors & brands, by leveraging to create custom content or connecting with your podcast audience base.

Online Events

Ever thought of conducting workshops online? Many podcasters that are experts at the topics/genres that they cover, often host many such events.


They not only get the chance to interact with their audience, but as well as share valuable skill sets. With various online conference tools available, creating & scheduling an online event is made hassle free for all!

Hubhopper Original and Baatein podcaster Chhaya was one of the initial players in podcasts and she started hosting live events in different cities. She now runs houseful shows in various cities in the country.


The greatest shows are those that make people want to wear it on their sleeves. Quite literally.T-shirts, mugs, and other memorabilia for your fans and listeners are the next big thing! There are a lot of online stores that you can collaborate with to create your custom brand merchandise.


One of India's most popular podcasts, ‘Maed in India’, did just that!


Some Honorary Mentions

We at Hubhopper are striving towards creating a sustainable podcasting ecosystem for both Indian content creators and brands to cohesively work together to leverage the power of podcast.

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